"Nose Art" T-Shirt

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Beginning in WWI, certain fighter pilots would mark their "kills" on their planes.  Moreover, they would  paint sentimental or folk images on the fuselage.  This shirt is an a nod to that era, and this shark wears a mouthpiece.  Boxing gloves mark the sleeve for "kills" which in this case represent "bouts won".  

This is from the "Twill-T" line, which utilizes cotton twill tape across the back of the shoulders and neckline to maintain some semblance of its original shape when it gets tested during training.  The garment is 100% medium weight, ring-spun, combed cotton.  Know how cotton shirt necklines stretch when they get yanked on and drenched in sweat?  This will still do that, but not as much!

This particular shirt is limited edition, and differs from its twill brothers in that it has twill that runs down the side seams as well as across the neck line.

Why a cotton workout shirt?  I guess I'm old fashioned.  Yes, it gets water logged, but there is nothing more comfortable than cotton in my considered opinion.

This shirt may bleed if warn before washed, so please wash in warm before you start rolling around in it.

Sizing runs big.  I am 5'9", about 175lbs, 31" waist and it fits me perfectly. Roomy.  I am usually right between sizes M and L in normal athletic brands. If you are used to wearing XL, order a size L.  Trust me!


Trunk Waist Sizing

Hybrid Trunk

S 28-30"

M 31-33"

L 34"-35"

XL 36"-38"


Flyless Trunk




XL 38"-40"